Tired of wearing eyeglasses? Contact lenses may be a great vision correction option for you. Come in today for a contact lens exam in Fort Myers. The trusted eye professionals at Elmquist Eye Group have been providing quality eye care for SW Florida for over 25 years.

What’s Involved?

Contact Lens Exam Fort MyersOur eye care professionals at Elmquist will first conduct a comprehensive eye exam, which allows us to take detailed eye measurements to determine the contact lenses most suitable for your particular vision needs as well as for your lifestyle.

No worries – we will find the right fit for you, as we offer a full range of contact lenses to correct your nearsighted or farsighted eyes. We can even correct astigmatism or a combination of more than one of these vision issues. Your appointment will include a comprehensive and contact lens fitting. Whether you have been a lifelong contact lens wearer or are a first-timer, Elmquist can help.

Am I A Candidate?

Rest assured, at Elmquist, there is likely a contact lens solution for you. In fact, there are so many contact lens options that nearly every patient can wear them. We have many patients who are not keen on wearing eyeglasses, so contact lenses represent an excellent choice.

As mentioned earlier, contact lenses can fix a wide range of vision problems in all ages. For our patients who are older than 40, we even have advanced contact lens solutions to correct presbyopia even with astigmatism present. We also offer monofocal, bifocal or even multifocal lens options.

In short, we will devise a custom contact lens solution if our conventional lens choices won’t work for you. For example, we can provide specially formulated lenses for people who suffer from dry eye. We even offer cosmetic lens choices to change eye color. Some lenses are preventative in nature, such as a lens formulation to protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays which accelerate cataract formation and complicate other eye conditions as well. We can suit lifestyle needs by providing lenses that are suitable for overnight wear or daily wear disposable lenses, too.

Tell Me More!

At Elmquist, our eye professionals are typically able to provide same-day lenses, however, in some cases the lenses may require special order or require an additional fitting appointment. We provide extra education for first-time lens wearers: one-on-one fitting help and instructions, lens care guidance, and lots of extra information to take home.

In all cases, we will schedule a follow-up visit about a week or so later to ensure that your lenses are doing well, fit properly, and that you are achieving your desired vision correction. What are you waiting for? Don’t put it off one more day. If you’re in the Fort Myers area and have been thinking about contact lenses, schedule an appointment today at Elmquist Eye Group for a contact lens exam in Fort Myers. You’ll see the Elmquist difference!