Blepharitis Treatment Fort Myers

If you suffer from blepharitis, Elmquist Eye Group in Fort Myers offers an innovative in-office spa therapy treatment that can help alleviate your symptoms and reduce your need for at-home therapy.

Dr. E. Trevor Elmquist and his partner, Dr. Kate Wagner and associate, Dr. Nina Burt, have been serving the communities of Lee County and Southwest Florida for nearly 25 years. We offer a unique blend of expert eye care and a passion for providing the best service to patients of all ages.

About Blepharitis

Blepharitis Treatment Fort MyersBlepharitis is a chronic inflammation or swelling of the eyelids and eyelash follicles. It is most commonly caused by seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff of the scalp or eyebrows, bacterial infections, allergic reactions or poor eyelid hygiene.

Your eyes may become red, blurry or tear up frequently. The eyelids crust, flake, scale or redden, and the smooth inside lining of the lids may feel rough and scratchy. In more serious cases, eyelashes may fall out, the infection may spread to the cornea, and it may also cause styes and problems with the tear film.

Treatment and Prevention

Treatment and preventative care for blepharitis involves gentle and thorough cleaning of the eyelids. This may include applying warm compresses to the eyelids, cleaning your eyelids frequently, and/or massaging the lids to help express oil from the meibomian glands. This may be combined with antibiotics prescribed by your eye doctor if a bacterial infection is causing or contributing to the problems.

Dr. Elmquist has developed an innovative treatment for blepharitis sufferers, called Spa Scrubs. The treatment takes place in a serene, relaxing setting in our Fort Myers office. The eye doctor carefully expresses the glands of the eyelids to clear out any potential source of bacteria and debris. Many of the patients who have had this therapy report a significant improvement in their symptoms.  Spa scrubs can be repeated as needed on an annual basis.

To help prevent a recurrence of blepharitis, always wash your hands before and after touching your eyelids. Your eye doctor will provide instructions on the products and techniques to use to relieve symptoms and get your blepharitis under control. After that, it will be important to maintain a daily regimen of good lid hygiene.

When Was Your Last Eye Exam?

If you don’t remember your last comprehensive eye exam, you may be avoiding your best option for protecting your eyesight. A thorough examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is the only way to ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

There are many conditions that threaten your eyesight, such as glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration, but they may have few symptoms in their early stages. Catching them early can result in successful treatment. Even if you think your eyes are healthy, regular eye exams are important for detecting and treating problems before they lead to vision loss.

Your eye health is important to us at Elmquist Eye Group. We offer a caring team of eye doctors in Fort Myers who can provide you with blepharitis treatment and help you prevent further problems. Schedule your eye exam today by calling us at (239) 936-2020.