Best LASIK Surgeons Lee County

If you are looking for the best LASIK surgeons in Lee County, consider the skilled physicians at Elmquist Eye Group who are qualified to provide you with the highest level of care. We will do everything possible to make your experience with us as pleasant, comfortable, and positive as possible.

Best LASIK Surgeons Lee CountyElmquist Eye Group has served families in Southwest Florida for more than two decades. E. Trevor Elmquist, DO, Kate Wagner, OD, his partner, and Nina Burt, OD and Sarah Eccles-Brown, MD, his associates, provide a complete range of services, including comprehensive eye exams, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of eye conditions, as well as refractive cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, and other procedures.

Why Choose Elmquist Eye Group?

There are many reasons to choose us for your LASIK surgery, including:

  • Our surgeons, Dr. Trevor Elmquist and Dr. Sarah Eccles-Brown, are board certified and fellowship-trained ophthalmologists who specialize in refractive surgery.
  • We never compromise on safety; we utilize the safest, most advanced technologies and equipment to ensure that we deliver the best possible results.
  • We personally examine each patient to determine whether they are suitable candidates for all-laser LASIK surgery or an alternative, such as PRK.
  • We take the time to answer your questions and explain your treatment options in depth.
  • We understand that vision correction surgery is expensive and work hard to make our services affordable for any budget.
  • We have maintained an “A” rating at Angie’s List since 2008 and have repeatedly earned their coveted Super Service Award.
  • We offer convenient office times and schedules at our two state-of-the art offices in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

About LASIK Surgery

LASIK is the abbreviation for “Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis.” It is an FDA-approved outpatient surgery that takes less than 15 minutes in most cases and is virtually painless. LASIK is one of several options that can reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contacts.

The procedure involves making a flap in the cornea and reshaping the inner tissue. This was commonly done with a hand-held metal blade, called a microkeratome.

At Elmquist Eye Group, our preferred technique is the “all-laser” LASIK procedure, which modifies the cornea with cool laser beams instead of a metal blade. This state-of-the-art technique provides an unprecedented level of safety, precision, and comfort, and is the only type of LASIK surgery that is approved for NASA astronauts and US Navy pilots.

Vision typically improves within a few days of LASIK surgery; however, you may experience a mild burning sensation right after the procedure, some hazy or blurry vision, and your eyes may tear or water for several hours. These symptoms usually improve within a few days.

Full recovery after LASIK eye surgery may take three to six months. Every eye heals differently, but most patients enjoy improved vision within one to three days, although vision fluctuations can be expected during the recovery period.

The LASIK surgeons at Elmquist Eye Group are committed to helping you regain the best possible vision. To discuss treatment options that meet your goals and expectations, give us a call at (239) 936-2020 and schedule an appointment.